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Do you wear makeup at most times?

Do you wear makeup?

  • Yes

    Votes: 42 68.9%
  • No

    Votes: 19 31.1%

  • Total voters


New Member
I always am painted, as the skin on the face seems to me not well-groomed without a voice-frequency cream, to the cosmetician went if that:(


New Member
Not really, but I make sure my skin is well moisturized and when I get back home post work, I keep it clean


New Member
I wear foundation, mascara & concealer everyday since I have really bad skin and I also fill in my eyebrows


Very nightly
I've never applied make up so I'll have to say no. There has been one instance many years ago when a friend insisted on applying make up on my face though and I couldn't say no to her excitement. Turns out I can't go a day without having to scrub my eyes at least twenty times.


New Member
I do!! My fav brand is Dior - Xretreme Control Pressed powder. Great for my oily skin!
But do rem to take care of our skin - esp if we are putting make up all the time.
I do go for facial to do deep cleansing ..I think u can try to go for any reputable clinic that provides facial.
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eyes are the windows to your heart, so sexy made up eyes are definitely a turn on to the men folk. the third thing they check out on us female after boobs and bum


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Hmmm, legs are in there somewhere. I do love eye makeup and I spend a lot of time mopping mascara out of my eyes. Seems worth it though. Specially like blue and silver.


I wear it for work most days and then on girls night out. I love skincare products but have quite a bit of regular makeup as well. My favorites are Laura Geller and IT Cosmetics from b-glowing!


New Member
yes girls,

I love Makeup, Beauty & Fashion. I mean to say i am a badly addicted of makeup. Without makeup i don`t prefer to go out. Well i usually buy makeup from perpaa.com because they have very affordable price which completely suits my budget.


Just a figment
I wear makeup but just enough to highlight. I don't like too much because it makes me feel saturated. I do use mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick, with eyeliner on some occasions.
On a daily basis, NO! Yes, I look better with it, but I value the extra sleep more. I do wear makeup occasionally, like for an evening out...if I have or make time for it.