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Do you support abortion?

sandy brady

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Having debated this just last week with a few guy friends. I really do feel that men are generally men believe abortion is wrong because they don't have to carry the baby.
However, I think every woman should have the choice because if she feels she cant look after their babies then why make themselves or the babies suffer. Also if its a result of rape then why should both the woman and her child be reminded of the unfortunate time?

Screw Attack

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Wow you guys, you do realize that it's woman who has to go through ten months of that right? Besides, your pro-life thing makes no sense. Everything you eat comes from other living organisms, the wood you're sitting on, the meat you eat etc. If you're "pro-life", you should be against everything you use on a daily basis.

Don't want to offend anyone :) Just thought I'd add my two cents.
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I disagree that abortion is a sin, people who choose to abort can only choose what they do, perhaps they are too young or they are simply not ready, surely they have a right to think about themselves. They may go insane with a child, and imagine if they were still in school, they may not be able to provide the baby with what it needs as they are young. Personally, I dislike abortion because you are taking away the life of an innocent child who has not even smelled the fragrance of life. But I do take in what the mother of that child must feel like, so I can understand, but having not experienced this I suppose I still do not fully understand the feelings of those who choose to abort.
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sometimes birth control fails or you put the birth control on improperly, most times people have sex they think they are not going to become pregnant and sometimes they do become pregnant. I'm pro choice, I don't think its immoral to get an early abortion or for the first half or pregnancy if the mother's life is at risk.of course I want people o not be in those situations because it is a hard decision for some because they do see it as a life from the point of conception but for me the life starts when it starts to have a brain and a capacity to think and feel before that its just cells. I respect people who are pro life its fine. my mom is strongly pro life her birth control failed for an unknown reason.there was a women who used birth control pills and drank detox tea and the tea didn't say that it makes the birth control pills not work and she got pregnant from drinking this tea while on birth control pills, she sued the tea company. everyone has different life situations and having a child is such a big decision that you should not force someone to have a child if they don't want to. the child's life might be worse being born to a bad parent then if they were not born at all.


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I cannot agree with the generalisation that all abortion is a sin.

In Australia they limit it to 12 weeks which I trust that it is just about right.


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Mmm well, i believe that anyone should do whatever they want with their body or at least have the possibility of doing so... i mean if you like colour pink and i don't i won't chase you saying pink is awful or an abomination to society... If you like colour pink you have every right to do so and if i like purple and you don't then i also have the right of doing so. This was a pretty lame example but you can also imagine the situation with religions. My point is: If you don't like abortion the don't have one and that's it. Mind. Your. Own. Business.


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I support it for the women that cannot give birth to a child without harming themselves in the process, for rape victims, and very slightly for teenage girls who were just confused when they did it and cannot take on the consequences without sacrificing a lot of their future plans

sandy brady

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I do support abortion .
If a woman doesnt want her child and is ready to give it up. then it is best she does before causing that child any more harm like abandonment .
If a woman was a rape victim then the child would remind her of bad times and could grow up being unloved . so abortion is better for the kid.
I don't support abortion because we learned in (public) school that human life begins at conception. It might be "convenient" for a woman to terminate her unplanned pregnancy but we're talking about a human life here.

I recommend not drinking when going on dates. A lot of girls I know got pregnant (and got sexually transmitted diseases) because they went on dates, drank alcohol before the meal, had sex with a guy (even though they really didn't want to) and found out later that they got pregnant!


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I disagree with abortion, abortion is morally wrong and it undergoes many ethical issues and it isn't convenient at all and it does create a lot of psychological and mental issues and it has a huge impact amongst people in society. It is a womens body, a womens morals, a womens life and it is a womens choice. The bible states that life begins once the fetus "has taken its first breathe" Abortion is forbidden in the peaceful religion of Islam as abortion is just taking an innocent souls life away...:confused:


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I'm in between.

I support because, just thinking the pain the rape victims go through. Raising up the child of the person who disrespected you and took advantage of you. Who knows, the child might even suffer, the mother might take out her anger on the child.

I do not support because, no one has the right to take away another human's life. It is a sin, imagine after doing an abortion you go on your daily life and everyday it'll hunt you that you just killed a person. It is a bit disgusting. Children are blessings, they are not curses.