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Do you support abortion?

Usually I can empathise with both sides of an arguement, but in this case I just cannot see the why someone would support abortion.

From conception, a life has been created. It cannot talk or see or feel or cry, but it is a life. To disregard someone elses life so much that you would not hesitate to end it is just beyond my comprehension.

If you are not pro-life, it doesn't mean you are pro-choice; you are pro-death. What about the child's choice to live? Is it acceptable to kill someone just because they don't fit into your chosen lifestyle? Many people's views reflect the 'me, me, me' syndrome of today's society; 'I don't want to have a child, I'm not ready, I want to have a career'. Selfishness does not justify murder.

I do sympathise with rape victims that become pregnant. To be found in such a situation would be very difficult to deal with. However, I don't think killing the child is a solution - it will not make everything better. An innocent life should not be taken because of crimes committed by either of it's parents. And the mental health problems associated with abortion would not be beneficial to the woman, either. However, pregnancy due to rape is rare (approx. 0.5%) due to a number of reasons, one of which being that the trauma to the body would often prevent fertilisation from occuring.

For other situations, there is no excuse if you do not want to become pregnant. There are countless ways to prevent pregnancy, and considering that there is information and contraception available for free from a variety of sources, ignorance is no excuse. You are in control of your body, and if you do not wish to become pregnant, try using some common sense. And if you are too lazy or senseless to utilise the services provided, don't be promiscuous.

It's worrying that more and more people are seeing abortion as an escape plan for unwanted pregnancy, as it is an easy way of shunning responsibility. No reason is good enough for murdering the innocent. Often women don't want to have a child if there is a risk of disability, even though many disabled people live happy and fulfilled lives. Ending a life because there is a risk of the child being 'different' is disgusting. Humans are not the same as animals. It is not the survival of the fitest. Human life is a sacred thing, and it should not be taken so easily because some people dislike the idea of taking responsibility, or because they don't deem a vulnerable person's life as valuable.

It doesn't matter if you are religious or not - it is a question of humanity, of valuing the life of others, not just your own.


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I'm against women who choose abortion when they're grown up adults, and simply do it because the time isn't right when they have the means to raise a child. But I also believe that we should have the right to decide over our own lives, and our own bodies. What it all comes down to, really, is our spirituality. When does the tiny life in our bodies acutally become one? From the very beginning? After it's started developing it's brain, toes...fingers? It all depends on what each person believe. And I think it's wrong to choose what others are to doo after a belief you do not share.

As for myself, I don't think I could carry through with an abortion. But that's my choise and it is built upon my beliefs.


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i for and im against it....................
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I would only ever agree to it if it was a matter of life or death.

However the only exception to this is, if you have been a rape victim.

Other than that if you cannot be responsible enough to use protection, then don't have sex...simple as that.


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I don't see how abortion's legal at all, or a woman's "right" Should the father not get a say? Is it that hard for a woman to take a few months off work to have the child, then give it to some poor couple who can't have their own? Of course, if having the baby would cause medical, or psychological damage to the mother (Eg, she was raped, and having the child of the rapist would cause her harm to her mental well being) Then, I can understand, but killing a baby just because you don't want to "waste" your time with it is downright selfish.

IMO, whenever you have sex, there is a chance you may get pregnant, you choose to have sex, you take the risk, you suffer the consequences. That's why I have no plans to sleep with anyone until I find someone I love, and one day wish to have a child with, that way if there is an "unwanted pregnancy", it's not unwanted, just a little early.
I dont like abortion cause even tho the baby is still in the womb of a woman doesnt mean the baby shouldnt have the rite to live. abortion kills babies and they r human so its murder and if u cant take care of a baby then u can always give it up for adoption. in some circumstances its allow if u were rape


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I wouldn't do it personally if I had sex willingly, but under different circumstances, i wouldn't really know. I also would not judge someone who did it.

For example, what if she was raped and got pregnant? I think it's fair to abort then.


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Well it all depends on the situation. like i support abortion for women who have been raped or if the child has some form of deformity or disease tht will prevent him from having a normal life. Being unable to deliver without harming oneself isn't an excuse cuz guess wht they have surgeries (i dnt exactly noe it's name :p) tht could deliver the baby safely without harming the mom.


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That is not so easy. First of all if I got pregnant now, I would abort it, it wouldn't be easy at all but I don't see me bringing up a child in such unstable and disadvantageous circumstances. On top of that I am not 100% sure if I want children at all any more. So of course I do my best when it comes to contraception to prevent getting pregnant so the possibility remains as tiny as possible.

I am not in favour of people though who just don't care for contraception at all or don't inform themselves before having sex and see abortion as a kind of contraception.

When it comes to rape victims, I think they should have the opportunity to abort. Just one thing I want to know from some people here that I don't understand:
Why is this an exception for you who otherwise think that abortion is some kind of murder or who would never abort except in case of rape? In the end it doesn't make any difference to the baby or to your own deed. I don't get why rape is some kind of justification for you guys to abort and let the "unborn child" pay the price. As cruel as it might probably emotionally sound to you, I don't see the logical whole and it seems hypocritical to me. I'd be happy to get an answer on that one.


Yes, this is the act of killing a baby but I can understand that according to the situation of everyone, be pregnant can be a disaster for the woman concerned
BUT I totally don't agree for women that abort like they eat. I mean this is not an act that can be considered as "banal"!

Trinity Kim

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I wholeheartedly support abortion. By all means, if you don't want a kid, feel free. I know there have been politicians saying that the child has a 'right to life' and all that jazz, but... whatever. I mean, come on, saying abortion is wrong is like saying eating food is wrong. Food was once alive, too, you know. Do they not have a right to life?