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Do you support abortion?


I would say Abortion is a SIN. No one in this world has any right to kill a little cute unborn soul. Some people argue saying if the couple feel they can not bring up a kid, abortion will be the best solution in that case. My point is, if the damn couple should be knowing if they can spend to bring up a new born baby or not. If they feel they can not why do they even indulge in "THAT"? Even if they want to let then DO IT in the safe way. Why to get pregnant and kill a pure life?

What do you think about it?


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It depends on the situation. If you have sex without protection then you need to deal with the possible consequences. If you are not ready to have a baby..then do not have sex, or use some form of birth control..whether it be the pill, a condom, etc. Now if the woman is violated and gets pregnant..then I would have to say that abortion could be an option for her.


I support it for the women that cannot give birth to a child without harming themselves in the process, for rape victims, and very slightly for teenage girls who were just confused when they did it and cannot take on the consequences without sacrificing a lot of their future plans.

However, for those gals that have been around the block, and just can't stop going at it like rabbits, to them I would deny abortion. You have to take responsibility for your actions. Unless there was an accident, like a condom breaking or a birth pill not working, there should be no reason to harm what could have been, and what should have been, your child.
Im on the fence with this one?
I know girls that do it with no remorse and do the same thing over and over again.
I don't think it's sin though. As Dina said rape victims should be able to choose whether or not they want to keep it.

Im in a steady relationship and Im always super cautious when it comes to sex. I don't want kids at this point of my life. To be honest, at this stage I don't think I ever want kids. So I do everything possible to be safe and take the proper precautions.
Although if by chance I used a faulty condom at the same time as my pill not working and I fell pregnant tonight I wouldn't hesitate to get an abortion.
I am sorry,I have to disagree with you on this topic.I think that aborting a baby or a child isn't sin at all. It's a 'personal' matters from people-to-people.Some people think it is okay,while others think that it is a sin (like you think),or some people mis-use this situation. For you information,if you take abortion,you're not basically killing the child.It is the first stage ,so it would be like a ball-thing.It is not living.It'll start to live later.but for now,it's almost like half-dead. That is why people say "Abortions should be done immediately" . Because abortions after 3 months would be difficult for the lady.


This topic should belong in 'Debate'.I'll move it for you. :)
Hmmm? Thats a very interesting comment? I think that abortion in any stage of pregnancy would be hard on most women. It is alive because its inside you and growing with each day to become its own lil, shitting, screaming money sucking living organism.

I have nothing against abortion. I wouldn't hesitate to have an abortion now if I learnt that I were pregnant. Prevention is key though ladies!


personally, I'm against it, because everyone has a right to live. Just because the embryo can't choose its fate..it is unnecessary killing of an innocent human.

but i understand others
I think that there are far more circumstances where a women should choose to have an abortion.


like chicks that get pregnant from rape. they should be able to abort if they want to. but if ur clever enough to not get prego in the 1st place then u shouldnt need a abortin anyway
No one knows when life begins-it is a philosophical question that has been debated for eons and no one has ever come up with a definitive answer-nor could they. Does life begin when the heart starts to beat? Or when they are able to live life outside the womb? Even using one of those two points gives a variation of five, to twenty five weeks gestation.

But the problem doesn't end there. Abortions may be performed up to and including 36 weeks that I have known of in the UK, and in the US to 25 weeks-when with a lot of intervention they may survive.

Just to make it clear-I am anti abortion.


There are times when it is very difficult to not to opt for abortion. If one is raped, I'm sure that the girl won't want to bear the child of the rapist. We should adopt an open mind to such a matter as it is already a very hard decision for the pregnant woman who are raped or does not want to have a child for some reasons.
Yes, I agree, and would not hold it against someone who pursued abortion under these circumstances. That said, recovery for rape victims who abort has been shown to be longer. Unfortunately they then not only have the rape to mentally recover from, but also have to recover from the guilt feelings of aborting an innocent life whose only crime was to be conceived by a criminal.

The woman can't win either way, and unfortunately can only do what she thinks is best, and that differs from woman to woman.


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pro choice doesn't mean pro abortion btw. It means you believe every one should have the right to have one if they want. You have to understand not everyone thinks like you, so its stupid to take away someone's right, just 'cause you don't agree with it.


I think that there are always certain circumstances that call for drastic measures. The only problem is drawing the line between this and using it as an easy out of a hard situation for somebody young.


I do think that abortion as a rule of thumb is wrong. But what about if you were raped? Do you still think that the government should be able to step in and make you have the child of the convict who has done this to you?


I totally go against it, unless ur raped or something it's ur choice but otherwise killing an unborn baby is harsh and cruel. I mean it has'nt even born yet and is killed b4 birth. I think it as a sin -_-


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bringing religion into this is a NO NO. we should keep religion out. it effects the answers, and you should just think about what you believe, not bringing in the "sin" thing into it.
what I believe is, the mother had s#x, right? they should know the consequences of having s#x, that there is a possibility of a baby involved. if you are having s#x you should know what could happen in the end. but its different if youve gotten [email protected] or anything else like that.
it is the mothers decision. abortion really isnt good for the womans mind, because i had a girlfriend who had abortion and committed suicide. you have to live with the guilt until you die.
laws state that you cant kill someone.
technically abortion is killing. just because someone isnt visable and isnt talking, it doesnt mean they cant be human. in just 9 some months, the baby can be born and it will be just like us, if thats what youre waiting for.
but killing the baby is killing a person. just not in its full form.
its wrong, and those are my thoughts on it.
whatever. its a matter of opinion.


I think abortion is wrong. I think it would be awesome if every woman who gets raped and gets pregnant would get help during her pregnancy and when she delivers she could choose to give the baby up for adoption or to keep it. I think it would make a total difference if the mother delivers the child. As soon as she sees the baby, her mind will change.


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I think abortion is wrong. I think it would be awesome if every woman who gets raped and gets pregnant would get help during her pregnancy and when she delivers she could choose to give the baby up for adoption or to keep it. I think it would make a total difference if the mother delivers the child. As soon as she sees the baby, her mind will change.

I think that's a wonderful idea. It gives them a chance to sort of, think about it a lot more.