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Do you read books and if you do who is your favorite author?



I like too many books to have favourite authors.

My favourite types of books are fantasy and historical.


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I read - a lot! Since I read extremely fast, I don't have to worry so much about finding time. I am on my 6th book since Monday right now (started it this morning). The ones I'm reading this week I got at the library on Monday afternoon and are all Nora Roberts. I read the Sisters Island trilogy first and now am on the third novel in the Keys trilogy. I went to the library looking for something else but they didn't have what I wanted so I took these.
Lol, Sounds like me :)
Not the books but how fast you read.
I really enjoy reading.


I don't have a favorite author but I've really loved all the Nicholas Sparks books I've read.


I love reading.. I really enjoy books by Ray Bradbury, Bulgakov, Jane Austen and some contemporary Ukrainian authors..


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I try to read books, but sometimes I don`t have any time to read because of school :/
But my favorite books are "before I die" , " an act like this" and "Lucas".
"Lucas" is written by Kevin Brooks and he is one of my favorite authors.
But I come from Germany, so I don`t know if you can buy the books in your country too :)