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Do you like scary movies?


Gracekit Ali

always like it, especially Asian horror style, recently prefer Thai horror movie :p

Elisa g

really love scary movie it , ehm my favorite may be The Ring..
but normally after watch it, i will fell nervous and think about the movie for 1-2 days .
I agree with you, the face of Samara was horrible! XD:D

sandy brady

Active Member
I read the title and all i can think of is how that is the opening sentence of scary movie :D lol , scary movies are good , if they are scary, not like insidious , crapest movie everrrrr

Stacy Sanchez

New Member
Most of the times I watch them to find out if they are able to scare me. It's not easy to scare me, most of the times I just laugh.


New Member
Not really, occasionally my sister can convince me to watch one with her now and again but for the most part I don't really like them.


New Member
Scary movies are my favourites! I can’t get enough of thrillers and horror movies :) The only problem about them is that there are just a few good productions every year, which sometimes is a bit annoying…


New Member
That is a hard one because I love so many scary movies. I would have to say that my favorite though is the Hills Have Eyes 2. I don't know what it is about that movie, but I've pretty much always liked it. It might not be the best made out there, but it's still pretty good in my eyes.
I hate scary movies, if your asking me what my favorite one is I dont have one,i have seen the ring and the ring 2 when a stranger calls and the shining. I have also seen parts of saw. i hated all of them, my best friend as a kid loved them so she made me watch them to stay friends its not fair for me to do only what i want with her.


Active Member
I dont mind psychological thriller or horror movies that have clever plots or storyline. I hate those horror violence for violence sake movies like SAW or HOSTEL etc... I get weak seeing blood so the less gore the better. I do watch bits of The Walking Dead but close my eyes when someone squeezes some zombies skull or something.


Just a figment
I don't really like scary movies that much but I watch quite a few because my roommate is into them. The Exorcist is the scariest I've ever seen but I like the lighter stuff more. It's fun to watch with someone and get all scared together. I guess that's what these movies are really for.


Very nightly
Scary movies are one of my favorite things since the good ones remind me how it feels to be scared or disgusted because of a movie. I like it when movies make me feel something, and the ones that give me the strongest heebie-jeebies are most often about ghosts or are psychological horror stuff.

Torey Ray

New Member
I don't really like watching scary movies, but with enough friends around being scared together helps me through it haha. I saw the "It" remake, even though I was scared, I enjoyed the "overcoming your fears" theme and the acting was super solid!