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Do you have any favorite book series?


I am just kind of looking for some good reading material. :flypig:
By the way, dosen't the flying pig icon look like a flying unicorn? I seriously thought that it was a unicorn! :D

Lady Ruzovyna

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Well... It doesn't look like a pig, but I don't think that would be an unicorn anyway... I suppose that depens of the way you look at. xd

And, returning to the first question. I love reading <3 and I have a lot of favourite book series, I don't really know what is the best but... one of my favourites is THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy and THE IDHUN'S MEMORIES (I don't know if you will find this one in a bookshop because it's spanish and I'm not sure that it has the same fame in the other countries).


Yes this look definitely like a unicorn. I love to read. My favorite books are the hunger game, Twilight the saga and Great Expectations!!!
oh I love The Hunger Games too, well, I'm still reading the second book, but I love it so far!! I also love My blood Approves and Hex Hall!! they're awesome!!


I'll have to say The Vampire Diaries has a great exciting series to read..Just like the Tv series :first:.


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I'm actually very into The Red Queen series. It's really good, though for sure some people would compare it to The Hunger Games, but really there's a different charm to it.
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Uhm, aside from the Harry Potter series? There's the Red Queen, Hunger Games, and Divergent series. Also, the Descent Series by SM Reine is totally badass. I love it.


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I love the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. Such an amazing writer! And Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series is awesome.


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I adore Jack Kerouac. He's a bit difficult to read but really interesting. Just real life and thoughts presented in wonderous way.