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Do you go for style or comfort?


- Not Plastic.
I'm usually forced to compromise because I'm very bad at hiding my discomfort.
My rule is to think about how I feel about the outfit before I actually look into the mirror. If I feel off in it, then I'm not comfortable in it and during the day I won't be totally myself, so it's better I go for something else.


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Style is comfort and confidence. If you don't feel comfortable or confident there is no point wearing it.

But don't think for one minute because and an outfit is comfortable it isn't stylish or fashionable. There are plenty of comfortable fashion stable you might want in your wardrobe.

Joggers are a good item cause you style them up or down.

If you need any more advice please let me know.

King regards
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rachel mcquire

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Comfort is what i am slave of because even if i am wearing a loose short jump suit i would carry it so well with my walk and smile that it looks really eye catching. But at the same time, if i am wearing something which does not match my comfort level, i will be so non confident that it will look pathetic on me as i am just not able to carry off it well.
I go for both factors when deciding what to wear, something which makes me look good if it is a day out on any occasion, but also comfortable as I would not enjoy wearing something that could leave a few marks the following day. Comfortable items of clothing would be worn at home for me, when I know there is nothing exciting coming up and when I decide to spend the night watching Netflix.
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