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Do you go for style or comfort?

I would like to be reasonably stylish when possible although I'm not a slave to fashion. When it comes right down to it, though, comfort wins for me hands down. I never have worn pointy shoes because they hurt or stiletto heels for the same reason. I have heard plenty of women say that they do hurt but women must suffer for fashion. Not me! What do you think?


good for you .. it's crazy to be a fashion slave,

I preffer to have the both on what I wear!
I always love to creat my own style, fitting me is what I looking for on it. but, there are times I have to wear things to look stylish! n I probaly mean "high heels" as akind of things. anyway, I belive that if I wear them more I'll fell more comfortable with them!
I also wear what I feel more comfortable in, rather than trying to keep up with the latest fashion. I think you look far more confident, and attractive when you wear what suits you personally.


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Comfort.. I wear a size 9 shoe so it is impossible to go for style there.. BUT i do get gutted when i see those posh heels that I cant wear!


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I have to admit, I go for style mainly.

If it's a choice between heels and flats and I'm walking somewhere I'll be sensible and go for heels though.


I believe that there should be some sort of balance between style and comfort. You can always look super stylish yet feel comfortable in your outfit. Both style and comfort matter to me, but sometimes you have to suffer in order to feel beautiful :p Heels may hurt if you're not used to them but I honestly feel very comfortable in heels I can run in them!
It's easy enough for fashion to be comfortable I think. I'm not amazingly fashionable but I like to think I'm at least not unfashionable =)

I used to be fine in heels but wearing flats so much for the past couple of years I can't walk in heels properly/without pain any more =/


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I definitely go for comfort! If it has style, that's fantastic too, but comfort is always first, in my opinion. It's kind of like shoes, I would never wear high heels or something really crazy that I wouldn't be able to walk in. ;) I love my hoodies and jeans too much!
Comfort. You can be stylish and comfortable but I can't stand to not be comfy, so I'd rather be around in my pyjamas if I have to be!


Well, I go BOTH ways. Depending on where I am going and/or who I might be seeing, style definitely comes first - even at the expense of comfort. If I'm going to be in the outfit long, comfort is a major consideration. I try as far as possible to get a good compromise all the time.


I love to wear nice clothes, but they have to fit my body type and my mood as well, so I am definitely not a slave to fashion, even though I just love clothes and shoes.


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For me the 1st rule is never wear what hurts. I mean there are so many other ways to look instyle with out feeling uncomfortable. And any way you should only stay your self and their is no need copy fahion trends, better make your own ;)


For me, comfort is IMPORTANT. Whenever I try something on....I move a little and stretch to see that I can do stuff in that outfit. Otherwise it's sometimes too tight or clingy. So for me I'll go for comfort.....like Jeans and a Tee.:)


Yeah, I agree with almost everyone, there has to be a balance.

Most everything I own is both comfortable & cute :)


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both. i am very fussy with clothes. first i have to like how it looks. then i check stuff for practicality, for resilience etc. basically for good quality. finally i try it on. style only comes first in the list because that is the easiest and quickest thing to do. you only need to look. for the other points you have to pick it up etc., so this obviously only happens when i like how it looks. that does not make style my priority. those points are all equally important - if one of them is not met, i leave the item be.

lovely cat

i go for style if it is comfortable but if it is not i won't go for style cuz more important to me is comfort.


i agree with lovely cat... there are plenty of things that are both stylish and comfortable....so why have to settle for being uncomfortable or not stylish....