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Do you consider laser hair removal ?


New Member
Do you consider laser hair removal to be your choice or the best way of hair removal at all? Share your
opinion or experience. I’m deciding whether to do this and would be grateful to hear real stories.


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I must recommend laser treatments, hence it’s expensive but end of the treatment you will see the results out nicely. I have taken this treatment with 6 sessions, it’s reduced my hair growth and smooth my skin. However, after finishing your session,you will notice few hairs grow up in your treatment places but not noticeable. What I did for this circumstance is shave up.


New Member
I have never gone for laser hair removal treatment but heard a lot about it from people who went for it, first of all, it is a very costly treatment
If you can afford, then went for it surely. secondly, in some cases the regrowth of hair is shown in treated area lastly it is a long process. considering these facts in mind you have to decide whether you want to go for it or not.