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do u have issues with ingrown hair too?

Hi girls I've been suffering for a while from ingrown hair in my legs after shaving and they look terrible it really bothers me plz do u have any suggestions to get rid of it ?


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I also find that after shaving the hair becomes thick and I'm afraid epilation will hurt the skin. So can't stop to shave the hair on my feet.:(
Hi Twilight,

I have suffered from ingrowing hairs on my back, so I know how you feel.

Your best option is to exfoliate the area regularly (2-3 times a week). Not only will it remove dead skin cells and excess oil, but it will help the ingrowing hairs to fall out naturally. It's also a good idea to stop shaving around the area, as this may be the cause for your ingrowing hairs.

Try to avoid putting layers, such as make-up, fake tan or fragrances, on the ingrowing hairs. Just apply a thin layer of moisturiser every now and then, or use a moisturising soap in the bath/shower to keep the skin healthy and nourished. Hope this helped! ;)
Dear pinkcandy thx. For ur help yes Exfoliating did work and i just figured out that the reason of ingrown hair on my legs is because of waxing but The problem went away once i got back to shaving, i appreciate ur help :)


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Had the same. Then I went to a waxing studio and the lady explained that after waxing you get a lot of ingrowing hair uf you don't use a scrub (sugar or similar scrub is the best). Apply every two days in the shower and it should get better. Shaving is such a waist of energy and time anyways so I suggest you change to waxing! its the best!
Oh, I had the same problem with me when I shaved and I couldn't do anything. Waxing helped but it was to painful and stressful. Then somebody advised my to try epilating. I bought an epilator (here if someone's interested) and picked a scrub that fits my skin. Have no ingrowing any more and I found the most comfy and cheap way of hair removal.
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