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Do these pants look funny?

I bought these pants for $15 too good to pass up. They are super tight everywhere else except the knees. Do they look that funny? Personally I think they look horrible, but I can't return them. Any ideas? When I sit down they are on the verge of uncomfortable so I know a size down would be way too tight. When I look at the pants online they have slight knee wrinkles but not like this. Would a tailor be able to fix them, or should I chop them and make capris? Are they too long? Help!
It looks like the knees are all stretched out. They probably will look better as ankle pants or capris. To make them more comfortable while sitting, I would pull them up in the thigh area to get some more fabric there so there is room.


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I would cut them off and make them into knee length shorts. The knees look stretched out to me but I love the color.


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I think it is to long, and the weird knee problem is because of the fabric. You can wear them as home clothes.


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i would have tailored to above knees shorts. i agree knee wrinkles look terrible but tight fit on thighs is nice.