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Do girls in school typically act like this towards a "super-hot" guy?


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About two years ago there was a guy at my college who often had the same lectures as me - with a few exceptions - and one thing that struck me from the very beginning (apart from his looks) was how other girls treated him.
When our class gathered for the first time I quickly noticed that probably at least 4-5 of the girls were glancing at him on multiple occasions with a lot of interest, and as soon as we had some time off a few of them immediately went up to him and talked to him, and it was obvious from their nervous giggly fidgeting and blushing that they were already into him.
They asked him a lot of questions about himself and tried to find subtle excuses to touch him, and they always gazed into his eyes in a way that signaled a tender interest, giggled constantly and asked him if he wanted to join them at some party that weekend.
Then on our first lecture I noticed that two beautiful girls were sitting beside him, and they acted the same way - lots of giggling, gazing, hair twirling, seductive lip biting, fidgeting with their clothes and various compliments.
Then after that lecture, one of the beautiful girls in our class started a conversation with him and asked him if he wanted to meet some day, and he basically just smiled a bit and accepted the offer.
I am not sure what happened with that, however one thing that I did notice (since it was so common) was that he had A LOT of admirers who were more or less forward with him.
I once noticed that one girl was dragging him into a corridor restroom that was a bit out of the way, and since I was nearby at that moment I caught some of it - I heard a sound that was definitely a spank, followed by a delighted squeak from the girl, and then after that, kissing (I decided to leave after that).
But just a few days later I noticed right before one of our lectures that he was with another girl, who was sitting on his lap and making out with him.
One of the guys in a parallel class had known him for a couple years, and he told me that this guy was very used to jumping between girls, since he always had girls come up to him and hit on him and invite him on hot dates (and this made me hery hesitant about hitting on him myself).
He was extremely used to getting approached like this, and I found out that he would regularly take girls home and sleep with them without thinking twice about it.
If he entered the classrooms before our lectures it was quite common that 4-5 girls greeted him and started flirting, and they would all try to get a date with him and he just smiled and casually picked one of them and took her home after the lecture.

Basically, all the girls wanted his body like mad, and they were pretty much "waiting in line" for him, and I guess he made the best out of it.

Do attractive guys usually get treated this way?
Or is it usually only the really really super-hot guys who get this attention?


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Do attractive guys usually get treated this way?
Or is it usually only the really really super-hot guys who get this attention?
I guess if a guy is "lucky" enough to have girls/women around him who are willing to be used for free sex - because that's what it basically comes down to, it probably doesn't matter too much if the guy is attractive or very very attractive. The thing is, guys who just use women (the way you described this guy did), usually don't respect the women they do take home. The women might have low self-esteem and don't feel they deserve to be treated any better, which I always found very sad.
(And it may not be very safe getting involved with players, like this guy, because who knows what kind of sexually transmitted diseases they're carrying around - and condoms have been known to break!) :oops:


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Yes, however I noticed that it was this specific guy who was treated this way by girls.
I often overheard some of the girls in my class talk about him specifically and how "hot" he was, and then they would flirt a lot with him when they saw him, make deep eye contact with him from a distance during the lectures, ask him to come to their parties and so on.

I guess one thing that also made him noticeable was that he was about 6'6 tall and had a powerful build in general, so I guess a lot of the girls found him attractive partly for that reason, like a "big and strong alpha male" or something - although he also had a really beautiful face as well.