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Describe Your Style

JennJenn Boey

hello everybody!!!!
hi everybody!!!!
i would like to know in a few words how you would describe your style....
also could you list down all your clothing in your wardrobe,.....
my style is "cute & casual"
and i have 2 dresses, and 1 set of separates
plus my flip flops
also, what item of clothing you wish to get, or to get rid of from your wardrobe,....
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jen, my style is adventurous and sexy. i have sixty two mini dresses, twenty seven shorts, fourty three T shirts, six full jewelry cases , nineteen platform stilettos and nine sandals. i have no desire to get rid of any of them.


Just a figment
I tend to gravitate toward vintage '80s styles and do a lot of my shopping in vintage shops. Sometimes I alter them just a bit so they're not too overboard (some of those fashions are really out there!) but I'm not very handy at sewing so I try not to get carried away. When pickings are slim I just go with fairly casual stuff (lots of jeans, shorts and T-shirts) or conservative dress for work.


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I wear mostly suits for work, skirts rather than pants. For casual its often a plaid wool skirt and sweater and almost always with heels or boots with heels. So I'm conservative, classic. Lately I've been gravitating to shirtwaist dresses, 1950 styles, but no,pearls.


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Casual and lazy. Probably rather masculine too since I tend to wear men's clothes as they feel more comfortable. If you can picture "that one kid from high school that always wore T-shirts and sweatpants", that's how my so-called style most often looks like. :oops: I just like to feel comfy.

sandy brady

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what style ?LOLOLOL am like 10 people in 1 person.
One month i turn up in jogging bottoms and a hoodie
the next am in a short skirt with a tight top
then i change my mind and live for jeans and a shirt
other times i just get plain and wear black jeans and a jumper