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Cutting down a tree

There's a tree beside our house. Whenever strong winds blow or there's a storm, the tree begins banging heavily on the exterior shade of the window and hence, damaging it. So my in-laws are planning to cut it down. However I'm deeply attached to the tree and I'm very sorrowful to think that tomorrow they're gonna cut down the tree. Is there any way to prevent the tree from hitting the shade, so that the tree is not cut down? I'm in need of your help


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I love trees and I hate when they cut down. We had so many old beautiful trees lining our street and one day we came home only to find out that the town had cut them all down :( I was so sad. Apparently they were in the way of some street work they were doing, like putting in new pipes.... So I sort of know how you feel. But, at the same time, we had a big tree fall on our house once and it did a LOT of damage - so you have to be careful. With all that said, i wonder if there is a way they could trim it and just cut of only some of the branches?
Actually it's a branchless tree(betel nut tree). If it was a branched tree I could have cut the branches. In this case what should I do?