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Creating your personal style, outfits

Girl next door

New Member
Hello guys!!!

As a person who desires to be stylish, noticed, well dressed and just feel comfortable in my own skin..I have a question for you - do you use any kind of personal style/fashion consultant services? Or maybe personal shopper services? Did they really help you create you your personal style?? What are the prices for that kind of services? Any recommendations?

Would love to hear your thoughts on that! As I am already enough of searching and searching, trying new styles, outfits (sometimes purely trends, sometimes classic, sometimes romantic etc) but rarely ever discovering what truly complements myself..

Thank you in advance!

I don't, personally. I ask friends, sometimes.

I feel that comfort is most important so I'll just try on what's available in the stores and see what fits well, looks good, feels good - as styles change.

Posture is very important as far as looking good and being noticed, too. ;)

And welcome to Girls Forum! :)

Girl next door

New Member
Thank you, Christinegirl, for your answer!
I think i would love to try personal shopper some time ;) cuz I think what is missing for me in my closet - is whole outfits. I seem to have many separately beautiful items (leather skirts, palazzo pants, logo t-shirts), but sometimes just can find the right pair for them :(
Yes, I can understand why a personal shopper (or possibly a personal stylist or a wardrobe stylist) would come in handy for you. :)

High end stores might have someone like that (but I don't know how much they charge and they might just try to sell you the most expensive items).