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Coffee for dark circles


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i mix finely ground coffee beans with honey and distilled water to form a thick paste. i apply once a day when needed and rinse off when completely dry. caffeine is great for blood circulation and decreased inflammation under my eyes.

luv sha


Just a figment
Ooh, this is great! I'm gonna try it today! I've had so much difficulty finding anything that really works.


Interesting, I have not heard of this. Although I do know it is used in some face masks. I am going to have to try this.

sandy brady

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oooo i v never heard of this! i will give it ago !
one thing i do is when my dark circles are really bad, i put a little oil underneath them and massage with my finger tips for about 5 min . does the trick for me and less mess. sometimes i do it before university to see less zombie like


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Caffeine is a miracle component found in coffee that is great for dark circles as it helps to improve blood circulation by narrowing the blood vessels. The caffeine has the ability to absorb accumulated water and is vital in reducing puffiness and swelling found around the eyes. surveyzop