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Clear skin


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Does anyone struggle with not having clear skin? If so I have struggled I thought I would share some tips
-Drink lots of water, even when you are not thirsty
-Find a skin care routine that works for you and moisturize
-Don't over wash
-Don't touch your face unless your hands are clean... I hope this helps some girls even through they are pretty basic tips!


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Totally agree with all of you. I have blemish-prone skin as well and I think touching your face can cause irritation and skin infections. I also don't use towels but tissues instead to dry my face.
I think that a deep pore cleansing is very important as well as it keeps the sebum away so I visit my beautician every 2-3 months and I use a cleansing mask once or twice a month at home.
My favorite is the Glamglow one.
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Yup. Overwashing is a thing. When you wash too frequently, you'll end up actually stripping your skin of its natural moisture and oils which it needs to function properly and keep the invisible barrier strong.