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Chin Hair


I have had some serious issues with the growth of hair on my chin, sometimes I it make me feel so masculine, I have to shave every morning.

I have considered electrolysis however I was told that it is not effective.
Anyone knows a method that actually works?:(
Electrolysis is effective but you may have to do it more than once. Sometimes he electrical treatment does not completely kill all the hairs but it is the only effective permanent hair removal treatment.

I had my pubic region done when I was eighteen and it took five treatments to completely remove all the hair I wanted removed.


I don't have that many, so I just use a tweezer to pluck them out. Does electrolysis prevent them from growing completely or does it work for a period of time?


Staff member
Electrolysis, which typically costs between $30 to $100 or more per session and needs to be done weekly or every other week for up to 18 months, seems to be the most effective way to permanently remove hair.
It is slightly painful but it can be an alternative to using tweezers (and once the procedure is successfully complete, we don't have to worry about the unwanted hair anymore). :)