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Hi, so long story short my boyfriend has just told me that when he was drunk once, he and this girl ( who I know a little bit ) was going to kiss but he pushed her back in realisation. This happened about 9 months and has just told me ... even though we have had trust conversations because of other reasons. This is the first time anything like this has happened but I have caught him in petty lies before like where he is or what time he went home etc. Like there was no reason to lie. I’m struggling to get over this, having nightmares about it and it’s making me have lots of anxiety, which I don’t like to admit but it’s true. I want to stay with him cause I care so much but I’m not sure if I’m doing to right thing and need an opinion on it cause I feel alone like I can’t talk to no one.
He is very apologetic, has cried and told me once that happened that he realised what he could have lost. It is his first relationship and maybe he’s made a massive mistake but it’s eating me up inside.


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Hi, firstly u have every right to feel this way, u feel hurt, wondering what happened, y he acted this way and that's all normal for u to feel this way. I suggest u both take some time to urself to think about everything that's happened and then try to have a calm conversation with him. Hopefully things will work out well for u both . Gd luck!