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Challenge yourself


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We have the ability to do more. Why not start with the smaller things. Small improvements tend to work better and get better results. I do it by challenging my workout routine. I try to hit my desired target every time and increase the difficulty for a better workout. How about you? Simple as it is, it's harder to improve on yourself rather than trying to improve others, not doing work.


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I always found excuses not to do something, even when I knew I needed to. But I've been going to the gym for half a year now, even if not all the time. It turned out to be not that hard if you are motivated.


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Personally i challenge my self during workout and in waking up early. I also do hot and cold shower as i read on a post it is good for your body ;)


I find it hard to challenge myself when it comes to anything! I'll get into something for a while and then just completely drop it. My motivation is deflated like a balloon.