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Boyfriend doesn't really care?


So I have this boyfriend we've been dating for 1 year.
I really enjoy planning things like holiday.
But my boyfriend never really care about what I said, he always says "you go set it up all the way you want, just tell me how much money you need later", which I find very annoying cause I wanted him to know what I've planned for us.


To me it sounds classical for most boys/ men . They are not interested in this things and are more than happy to leave it to us to plan and then as you say pay for it. I can understand youre frustration but on the other hand you cant force him to be interested in this things either im afraid. Im also fairly certain that he is happy with you and so you shoudent take it as he dont care but more he whants to make YOU happy (hence he is willing to pay for it and go along with it after)
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sandy brady

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LOL me would be so happy with this scenario. booking to bloody Maldives . book without him once, using his money, see if he wont fix up