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Boy Trouble reply ASAP please

Ok so basically I’m in secondary school and there is this guy I’ve liked for a while. We started talking on snapchat and maybe a few weeks later he was asking me whether i masturbate and if I do, do I watch porn whilst I do it. Anyway I told him it weirded me out and he stopped for a bit but I still liked him. Ok so now the problem we stopped talking for a while and he texted me in the morning saying he was sorry for not talking to me sooner etc.. and then we went back to normal. He asked to see pics of my breasts in return for a d pick but I said no. He then decided to tell me he doesn’t like me in a gf type way and may possibly like someone else!! I really don’t know how to feel about this do I feel hurt? I feel betrayed but right now I’m confused I just feel empty. Help?