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Book Reccomendations Please?


Molly Brown

I need some book reccomedations. I just feel lost without a good book sometimes and I'm sure some others do too! I love the Hunger Games but I couldn't get into the books (I had to watch the film) and I won't lie, I have read 50 Shades and I did enjoy it (although I thought the language was pretty poor)
I'm into books that really long or have sequels etc. That's why I put in the Hunger Games and 50 Shades. I'd prefer romance as I haven't read any romance books for some time. Any suggestions?
...a book by Jennifer Crusie, "Welcome To Temptation", is sexy, intelligent, unexpectedly moving, and Crusie is a heck of a good writer. Her descriptions are so clever, so evocative, and yet so concise, they sometimes took my breath away.
From the hilarious beginning to the suspenseful middle to the satisfying end, this is a great book, the kind I'll want to reread. But I should mention that, while it is romantic, is not for those who like their romance sweet. The humor in this book can be black, and the sex can be downright raunchy. It's not for everyone. But if you're like me and you like a little spice - don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips , Match Me If You Can, is another one. Her characters deliver cool sparkling dialogue, laughs, and a few tears. It fits my definition of great contemporary romance in more ways than one.


I read a lot of books that have romance in them but aren't necessarily based on it for example the weather warden series and the Morganville vampire series by Rachel caine, I love her books. These are sone of my favourite series of books as I completely fell in love with the characters they both have over ten books and the Morganville vampire series is still in counting.
My friend loves romance books so tends to read a lot of Nora Roberts, she's wrote lots of books but they aren't in a series.
I read a romance book a few years ago called the love academy but I can't remember who wrote it. Sorry if sone of these books aren't really your cup of tea I read loads of different genres and books for different age groups and I'm not sure how old you are but if you enjoyed 50 shades of gray then you will probably like true blood, it's got a really good plot and the books are completely different from the tv series if you've already seen part of it they're by Charlene Harris and I loved them particularly the books with Eric in them a lot ;-)


Hmm...do you like romance with adventure? Sad romance novels? I love reading and although I'm not really into romance I do know of a few good ones.

This is a good one about two kids that end up getting the zombie virus (which is an STD) and run away together to escape the government.

This one is a sad book about two teenagers living in a hospice. They both have cancer and only have a few more months to live.

This book is a great take on the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. It's a relatively new series around four books long about a girl named Kate. She moves with her dying mom to a town named Eden, where she meets . . . Henry . . .

I'm actually in the process of reading this one, but I love it. It's about a 17 year old living in a boy's home with only a few months till he turns 18.

Elisa g

mmm try Chronicles of the emerged world of Licia Troisi, here there is the plot:When the Land of the Wind falls under the sway of Aster the Tyrant, who has already conquered part of the Emerged World, Nihal is forced to take up arms. She faces horrible monsters while seeking for a talisman which can gain her huge powers and put an end to the war. Her only companions are Sennar, her friend and lover, and her trusty sword.


I love ''Hunger Games''. :D And I think you should read this, not only see the movie. It's not the same thing. :p
But If you want something else - did you read ''The Hush, Hush''? It's quite nice book. About girl who meets a guy, and she finds out, that he's a fallen angel. I won't tell you more. Better if you read this first.
It's not exactly my type, but I like it enyway. :)
Maybe you'll like it too. ;)


New Member
Heck a late reply, but i know two GOOD book series.
You've probably heared of it already b/c of the movie, but DIVERGENT. Three books long. Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. (Personally I was VERY highly disappointed in the ending though, but I ADORED the rest)
And then the other one is The Dragon Keeper Chronicles BT Donita K. Paul. Yes, this is a christian book series, but it only really comes through when they are talking with or about paladin, but its an EXCELLENT fantasy series. Anyways, FIVE amazing book. DragonSpell, DragonQuest, DragonKnight, DragonFire, and DragonLight.
I own the first three, and I WILL have the last two by the end of this year. ;p

Linda Edgington

New Member
If you like holidays, you can read about some places to see before die. Few months back, I read about Long Island art,which inspired me to have a trip to long Island. :) I hope you too enjoy it.
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I just read "My Blood Approves" by Amanda Hocking and I really loved it! It was a great story which is both romantic and adventurous - I would highly recommend it. I cant wait for the sequel!