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Birthday gift

Mona d reily

New Member
Hi everyone. How are you?
I am here for a little help. 11 sept is my brothers birthday. I wish to give him a t shirt as a birthday gift. As he loves music a lot, I am thinking about a t shirt that shows the love on music. Can anyone help me by some suggestion. Also expecting some comments about the uploaded one...



Staff member
I really hate to say that you're just a little late with this idea, the thread is almost a year old and the OP has not been active since.


New Member
Agree it is a good idea for a present. I thought about the same gift for my best friend. He likes music and movies very much. I also thought about the idea to put all little present like t-short with image of music, or CD with his favorite movers in a beautiful gift basket. Some chocolate or candies it is a pleasant addition to a gift. In general, it is more beautiful when you pack well your present. Thanks to online sources that make very nice gift baskets. You don’t need to shop around in the market, you can all do at your home.
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