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Best Way to Clean Motherboard?


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Serious suggestion!
When i clean my laptop it self then its motherboard break and cant fix again Now I want to buy renew board suggest me best one.


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Thanks for query. Good way for cleaning motherboard is the using compressed air.
To tell about the best Asus and Gigabyte is best to me. You can choose from these brand according to your budget. the best is Asus ROG Strix Z590-I


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When cleaning the motherboard, make sure to use 99% isopropyl alcohol. If you clean it, make sure the motherboard is totally dry before turning the computer back on.


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For general cleaning, remove the covering over the motherboard.
Next, there are two options for removing the loose dirt and dust. The first is to blow it off with a can of compressed air. The second is to vacuum it out with a vacuum cleaner or dust buster. If you choose to use the vacuum, keep in mind that it could cause static to damage the computer, so it is important to hold the attachment several inches away from the small pieces and intricate workings on the motherboard to (hopefully) avoid any damage or removal of the small components. If cleaning computer components is something you do often, consider investing in a computer vacuum to remove the issue of the static.
If the dust is caked on, remove the brush from the vaccuum and use it to gently brush over the area to loosen it.

Follow this with either more compressed air or vacuum it away for removal.
If there are sticky substances or dirt that cannot be removed, you will have to use a liquid cleaner with GREAT care. Adding liquid to a motherboard is never a good idea and great caution should be taken not to cause any damage.
Moisten a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and gently wipe away the sticky substance.
The alcohol will help to remove the dirt and evaporate quickly to lessen the chances of electrical damage.
Allow the motherboard to dry completely before reinstalling or powering the unit again.

Replace the cover onto the device.


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Another quick method is to blow out the keyboard with a can of compressed air or a back blow vacuum cleaner. When doing such manipulations, the user needs to control the strength of the flow so that the buttons do not fly out. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or a can at hand, use a regular hair dryer. Keep it about 15 centimeters away from the keys.

A good option is a special sticky substance - “slime”. It is attached to the keyboard, sticking to it, and then removed: crumbs, dust and other small debris stick to it.