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Back to School Dance

Hi, I received lots of support from this forum previously, "Too Young for Stockings", so I'm back seeking advice. My daughter is going to a back to school dance (8th grade) soon. I've picked out a "little black dress" with spaghetti straps for her. She really likes the dress. My husband and I are now having this debate. He insists that she wear a bra (strapless would be appropriate here) while I'm saying a bra isn't really necessary with this dress. FYI: our daughter is at most an A cup. Any suggestions are appreciated. BTW: she will be wearing stockings , lol. Charlene
bra maybe will show and embarrassing. with tiny breast and no bra only concern would be nipples shape showing through dress. if me i would take bra off and put in pocket book as soon as away from parents
Thank you Shyramarie for your very honest response. Your honesty is refreshing. The situation was resolved by my purcasing a nu bra backless, strapless adhesive bra for my daughter. My ex was happy since she would be wearing a bra. I was happy because I knew a traditional strapless bra would not be fashionable with the dress. My daughter was happy because when I applied the bra cups, I positioned them in a way that gave her some noticeable cleavage. She was thrilled!


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Smart idea Charlene. I remember them- bluettes or something like that. They only work for a while though. Maybe a B cup size. I can't wear them now as a C cup.