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Swimming laps (breast stroke or distance freestyle). Great calorie burn rate and tones everything at once.

Do you prefer guys with a little stubble or clean shaven?


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I've only ever had one best friend and it's been since day one ! x

What brand of clothing do you mostly have in your wardrobe ? :p
I mainly have tank tops and pants (though skirts are making their way up, even though I don't wear them often).

What's the worst breakup you've had?


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Worst break up? Every morning when my alarm clock forces me to leave my bed. It's complicated.

What annoys you?


Defintifely Apple Pie! More tasty than anything!
Most embarrasing moment in school life?
I was acting the role of one of my teachers and I didn't know she is behind me...
have you ever had a crush on someone that you were sure you won't get to that person?
Yes, he was in the year above me and he was a friend but a player. Due to his multiple girlfriends, I just could not see two different people clashing and forming a relationship which would stick a few good months or even years.

What was the first fight with your best friend/close friend about?
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I speak five languages, including English of course. The other four are Bengali, Urdu, Arabic and French.

If you moved out of your parents' house, would you still eat her food, cook it yourself or order take-out? (I know this is a weird question but my mother will not stop nagging me about the fact that whenever she calls, I have to let her enter the house so I can taste her curries...)
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i moved out a while ago but i still love what my mom cooks. whish i lived closer so i could go there more often :D
i usually do "cook" it myself, though. (trying to get better at this and eat a little healthier :3)

what's one goal you have in life?

Ami Spell

My only goal in life is to earn a 5 figure income each month through blogging about food and travel! That would be the most epic achievement for me but the thing is, I haven't even started that blog yet LoL.

What's the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?