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As much advice as possible? Frizzy hair problems:


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So at school for the past two years i haven't gone a school day where i haven't tied up my hair into that boring mommy ponytail. idk why but i didn't feel the need to stop. well now when i wear my hair down, it's all frizzy at the bottoms and on the top of my hair and poofy around my ears and i have no idea what to do. right now im trying to make it all nice again with the macademia products but it doesn't really seem to be working that well. are there any home remedies that i can use to make sure that my hair goes back to perfect again? like sleek shiny smoothness (egg maybe? i heard that works well). i just need help so i can feel secure enough to wear it down again! thanks!


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I have frizzy hair but then again I also enjoy hair off my face so I almost always put it in a ponytail and clip up my bangs. but here are some links to help you. :)

http://www . webmd.com/beauty/hair-styling/how-to-tame-frizzy-hair

http://www . stretcher.com/stories/03/03aug04a.cfm#.UeiqpXTD_IU

http://www . wikihow.com/Tame-Frizzy-Hair-Quickly
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