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Are you a Comper?

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A 'comper' is the term used for someone who enjoys entering competitions (contests). I am a comper and have great fun! I haven't won anything megga, although I belong to a comping forum in the UK where a large majority of members have won cars, fabulous holidays and bundles of money :)

I know in the States that sweepstakes are very popular, but do you have the kind of competitions which require skill to reap the big rewards? By skill I mean writing a slogan (sometimes called a tiebreaker) in 15 words or less which is judged in originality & aptness for a product (eg. I love Macdonald's burgers because ............)

I read a great book last year, written by Terry Ryan, which was made into a film, and it was called "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: How My Mother Raised 10 Children on 25 Words or Less". (short and snappy, eh?!!) It was inspiring! In the 1950s Terry Ryan's mom, a housewife from Defiance in Ohio, started doing competitions she found in her local paper and the radio and she won so many prizes she was able to feed and clothe her 10 children (selling the prize-winning car, for a start!)

It would be great if we could have small competitions here on girlsforum and we could have say, Amazon certificates as prizes!


I love competitions! Especially, the ones related to logo or website designing. I am a Senior member of two design contest forums where I have also won some 20 to 50 dollars in website layout and banner design.

It would be great if we have such competitions here in out Girls Forum :)


Competitions are fun! I never mind winning but I always participate if the contests are of my taste like article writing, advisory, etc.
GoldieShocks, we sure should have competitions in here. I bet it gonna be a lot more fun :)


I like to participate in competitions .. It is enjoyable

we need for Competitions to activate the forum and to have fun



I would say yes, I am a comper. It's the first I am seeing the term, it sounds funny. I haven't won anything major myself, but for me, just competing gives me great energy, winning would be an added bonus.


I have entered one competition online before. Well, not sure if it was a competition or not. I just kept registering each day and a few weeks later when I got home from school, I had a package with a little boombox in it.
I avoid most of these type of things. I've found that after I enter these sweepstakes to win a car or a vacation, my phone rings off the hook with telemarketers for weeks after. I did a little research and found out that my entering some of these contests you are giving these companies permission to call you for up to three years.

I'll pass. lol


What about ones that do not require your phone number? ;) We will be having contests here soon PinkPrincess...and we will not have telemarketers call you I promise lol...
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