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Anyone knows how to use the waving extensions?



I bought a hair extension on line, as my sister always say that I just have a little hair, and so that I can't get beautiful hairstyle with so little hair.
But when I got the extension, then I found I don't know how to use it at all.

It's not cheap, so I don't think I can just leave it there, and buy something else.
Anyone know about waving extensions? Any idea about it?
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Its best if you consult a hair-salon on how to use it, they'll be the most accurate since they're qualified!

Rachel Dee

Try to use the clip in hair extensions method and consult a professional expert to help you put in these extensions.
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Magic Queen

In my opinion, it is better for you to ask a stylist to do the hair extension for you.

If you insist on doing by yourself, you can search the related videos on youtube and learn to do it by yourself.;)
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Go to You Tube and in the search box, type in... hair extensions tutorials.
You will find some great hand on video advice!!!!
I agree, that's where I learnt to put mine in, don't worry, when your actually doing it, it's so much easier and after putting them in a few times it becomes a second nature to you ;-)

Good luck and if you don't get it right at first, try again! Don't waste them just because your not sure how to use them , type in applying hair extensions and pick someone with lighter hair so you can see what they're doing better :-D

Kimberly Halsey

New Member
I agree with everyone here about taking help from professionals to get the hair extensions. One of the most important thing is to use the best quality human hair extensions as they last long. And you still wish to get extensions yourself then you can try the Tape Hair Extensions as they are easy to put in and remove.
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What's the best Hair Extensions brand in USA? & What are the different types of Hair Extensions?

I've had long hair almost my entire life.. Want to be dramatic and chop it all off cause I'm a lil tired of taking 2 hrs every other day to blow dry & flat iron it now. It naturally has a mild wave to it if I don't style it. Anyways, I decided to go for hair extensions. Please guide me through the best hair extension brand in USA and also what are all the types is in there.

Thanks in Advance.


Staff member
I know what you mean! Sometimes I wish being bald was in fashion. :D

I googled "hair extensions" and came across a lot of information, such as;
which brands are the best (at least according to Allure Magazine),
how much hair extensions cost,
who sells them (in my local area), and
what are the different types of hair extensions.

I hope the information helps. Good luck. :)