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Anyone here ever been to a nude beach?


Just a figment
I was just curious because some friends of mine know about a beach off the beaten path where they can 'get back to nature' and invited me to join them. Has anyone here ever been to a nude beach? Would you go if you had the opportunity?


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there are nude areas at some beaches in taiwan and philippines i have been at. i enjoy being nude as much as possible especially in summer time. i don't think there are any beaches that are exclusively nude just cove areas with signs warning of nudist beyond this sign.


Just a figment
I remember stumbling across just such a beach with my sister in Hawaii when I was younger. Some people were nude, others not. I'd never seen a beach like that before and I thought it was pretty cool. I wanted to join in (or at least try topless) but my sister wouldn't let me at the time because of my age. When I go to this new beach with my friends I'll have a chance to check it off my bucket list. I've always thought the idea of public nudity would be exhilarating. I'm really looking forward to it.
I'll leave an update here afterward. :cool:


Just a figment
Okay, time for a quick update. I went with two gal pals to this 'clothing optional' beach and it was amazing! As for the girls (whose idea this was to begin with) only one went topless and the other stayed under wraps. I am proud to say I took it all off, naked as the day I was born. It was the most excitement I've had in months (yeah, sheltered life I guess!) There weren't many people there but enough to make it interesting. Most of them just kept to themselves and there were a few trying to pretend they weren't sneaking a peek, but they didn't bother me. The whole point was shedding it all and letting the world behold. I am definitely going back! :D


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I´m topless at the beach as much as posible. I never had a situation to feel uncomfortable with it. At nude beaches people are much more relaxed.


Oh my gosh it sounds so crazy (and therefore fun!) But to be honest I don't know if I could ever be brave enough to handle it. :eek: