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Any classical music fans?


New Member
So I'm pretty new to classical music. But I love it a lot. So far I've listened to Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Clementi, Bach and Bocherini. Suggestions are welcome.
I do like Classical music, but can't say that I love it. My favorite composer is Debussy. I tend to like modern music that is heavily influenced by Classical.

Dulci Rose

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Classical music probably hits, hidden subconsious nerves.
I am a volunteer drama teacher to people with mental disabilities such as down syndrome, auticm etc.When I first started, and I was trying to find us a common ground in order to come closer, and communicate, music was an oneway street. So I started trying different kind of music. One day I played Chopin, and the flow of energy in the classroom completely changed. Calmness and smily faces where all over the place. Few days later almost same happened with Chopin. It was a blast. The first Chopin I played was Noctrune op.9 no2.


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I love classical music and a lot of parents play it for their babies and small children - especially close to sleepy-time. :)

Plants like it, too, and seem to thrive and grow when exposed to gentle classical music over a period of time. ;)