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another shoe to die for


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I found these shopping on line at the site starting with Z. I think they are the most beautiful heels I have ever seen. Lovely tortise shell finish. I have not bought them (yet) because I don't know what I would wear them with. What do you think girls? How would you wear this shoe.


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Very pretty!
I'd wear them with a plain white or black dress or black pants (maybe with a tortoise shell belt or bracelet or hair clip).
But I still say they distort the foot too much and the heel isn't very wide, especially considering we have to kind of put our body weight on such a small area - but that's just me. :)

sandy brady

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Rhonda you are killing me with this shoe addiction, its fuelling my own shoe addiction! I would buy these! you are gonna look Gorgeous


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Thank you Sandy. These shoes, that I now own were not outrageously expensive- Just $129.00. Of course they put me well over 6' tall.