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Hey girls,

I had a question, what do you think the biggest cause for getting an eating disorder. Does anybody have experience with this? I like to hear it because I think we should break the taboo together. Let's talk about it!

I think one of the causes is when a person has low self-esteem and a poor body image (where they don't like themselves). They think they're ugly, fat, etc. and they need to lose weight in order to feel pretty.
But even when they've lost weight, it's never enough. They still think they're fat so they keep losing weight, even when it becomes unhealthy. They don't like themselves so they still feel ugly.

It helps if they can talk to a counselor or therapist to find out why they have low self-esteem. Once they're able to work through those issues, they may be able to eat without being afraid to gain weight. (They'll realize that not being skinny can be pretty, too.)


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Low self-esteem, poor/toxic coping mechanisms, social and marketing media - these are all factors that contribute to the development of eating disorders on both ends of the spectrum. And I agree about breaking down taboo and stigma!