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AmericanIdol- Tatianna, or Danny?


New Member
So guys... I think this is my first thread!

So, american idol is on, and its break time (I hate these breaks, lol)... and you'll probably read this like the 19th of Feb. But, who should of made it? Tatianna, or Danny. I think danny. I don't like tatianna... what do u think???


I haven't had a chance to catch it on TV yet, so I don't know who the persons are so far. I really love watching American Idol, loads of laughter.


Danny can stay, the chick needs thrown off that baloney or something. I have little patience for people like her and that is rude but its honest so I am okay with that. :D


I can't remember who Danny was or is but I am SO glad that Tatianna is no longer on the show. I am a bit disappointed with this year so far. It doesn't seem like they have the talent that they are looking for. I can say that there are at least 2 who stand out right now and it's the girl with the bright red hair and the guy who lost his wife.


That girls laugh and her crazy behavior is what got her kicked off the show. What was up with her the night they sang live? This girl needs some serious help.