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Am I pregnant?


New Member
I have been experiencing pregnancy symptoms. My period was supposed to start on the 13th of March 2018 but it did not come. Instead I got very very light bleeding that was brown in colour and did not even fill a pad and lasted three days. While on the pill, my period lasts for four to five days and is more red in colour. I feel dizzy, nauseas, a little irritable, more hungry than usual, tired and mt breasts are itchy. I have taken several tests which have all come back negative. My next period is due on the 10th of April and my doctor said if it does not come, we will do a blood test. My question is: what is wrong with me?

I am sorry if this is too much information but I really need to know what is wrong. Thanks in advance

sandy brady

Active Member
i have no medical background .
perhaps your under stress ? that usually messes with your hormones . generally if tests come back negative then it is not likely .
Sometimes the pill messes with your hormones if you have taken it for a long time or just starting.
Probably best to get a blood test and be on the safe side.
Hope everything is okay and u get better x