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Advice needed - very confused!

I started talking to a boy back in January who is at my Uni and we got very close for a time. He gave me strong signals that he liked me – messaging me first, talking 24/7 and even kissing my forehead after a night out. I took the initiative to ask him out and he turned me down. That’s fine, fair enough. We stopped talking for the most part after this.

A few weeks later we found out that we were going to see the same concert so we travelled to the venue together – it was a 2 and a half hour drive and I drove so we spent ages talking and have a lot of things in common and ethics about the future (we even started talking about how we’d parent kids.. Eek!). After that we spoke literally every day again until a few days ago. He told me he wasn’t fussed about seeing or talking to me any more as I was “constantly annoyed” at him. Not true – I pulled him up on Sunday night as he tried to drunkenly sext me (I knew he’d regret it in the morning so I declined as so not to be a bad drunk memory for him) and when he accidentally lost me on a night out this Tuesday (which I think I was rightfully annoyed for as I couldn't get a hold of him for an hour and my friends had gone!). While we were talking a lot recently he told me how close he thought we were and that I could tell him anything and responded with “I love you too” to a casual “haha, I love you” after he said something a bit blonde... Like, if I didn’t text him back in good time he’d snapchat me to get my attention… And now he’s just u-turned like this. I don’t talk to people every day and don’t really do so in a relationship, I’d like to think they have something better to do in their lives to talk to me so I’m grateful when they do (and the same goes for me) and he knows that.. I’m seriously confused about this all. I know he's been super stressed with essays and assignments and such, and his best friend has literally just got a girlfriend as well so am wondering if his nose is a bit out of joint and he just took this out on me as I was closest at the time? Considering giving him the Easter break to cool off (as we're all going home) and miss me maybe, as he is still in the possession of my guitar it gives me the excuse to talk to him in a few weeks… Any advice from what this means from a guy?

Currently left with the sentiment of "We will revisit this after Easter (in reference to picking up my guitar), see you soon, have a great Easter" (not a direct quote)

Any advice gratefully received!


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in my opinion you should just take it slow and see how things will workout! whenever you two see each other try to talk to him about your feelings and see how he will respond then you will be able to decide.

Good luck
I would say that you should wait a while and see what happens, men can be confused sometimes. I mean my boyfriend bought me a necklace which had the letter of his first name on instead of mine, my friends and other classmates thought it was weird that he would write his name on anything even if it was for me, but I still loved it, it was something to remember him with. This boy may be interested in you, so don't take your eye off him for a while.
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