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Acne Problems?


alicea knox

Use a good facewash and drink loads of water. thats all.
Wash your face with cold water 5-6 times in a day and try to drink much water in a day and use branded beauty products.
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If you don't have extremely sensitive skin, use half a lemon with honey on it. Rub in circles on your face. This helps tremendously


I'm not an expert either lol! You just gotta experiment and not care if people look at you weird for rubbing sugar and oatmeal all over yourself (good exfoliation technique)


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I've been suffering with acne for a long time and I still can't rid it. I've tried medicine and many topical medicines, but none have really gotten rid of it. I just bought some stuff at a store, and it works pretty good for the most part. It's hard because once a month, my face breaks out very bad and there is nothing that I can do to get rid of the acne. But, the stuff that I bought was clean and clear.


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Hi! I have suffered from acne since 13 to.... today... and I'll turn 40 in a few month!!!
So you can imagine I have had time to try everything possible. And nothing ever worked!
The "most" efficient (but far from perfect) is the cream sold at the pharmacy with benzoyl peroxyde. But when I see what it does to my pillow case I am scared for my face!
Last month, I read of a natural method that quite surprised me. It was a mix of half and half water and organic apple cider vinegar. But it has to have "the mother" in the bottle.
I read a bit more before applying this mix on my face. It appears that it is not agressive because it has the same PH as the skin.
So I tried... And I stopped the pharmacy cream at the same time. I started to see results after one week. After 3... my skin looked NORMAL. It had not happened in so many years! I just had a few spots that bad week of the month. But nothing compared to the usual bad week of the month! My face does not even feel dry. Because to test completely I did not apply any cream on my face. (But I did put make up! ) . I read it also has benefits on small wrinkles. I do not know that yet.

elizabeth taylor

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i was suffering from Acne for a very long time, i applied some facial wash which reduced it a little. i came across an article online where i found a doctors email who was giving out face cream and medicine. he assured me that acne will leave my face forever if i take the medicine and apply the cream consistently. i did as i was told and now my face is now very smooth.
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Foods are highly processed with the ingredients that do contain oils which can increase the acne on your body. So, do avoid the foods that can cause acne such as junk foods. Instead eat healthy foods.

Mary Schmidt

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Acne is a very common skin disorder. It can be due to various environmental condition or hormonal changes in the body. There are various skin products available to reduce acne and its scars.
To get rid off acne you should prefer for the retinoid based acne creams. Generally, retinoid helps fighting the free radicals that fight acne and prevents. Most of the dermatologist recommend to use only retinoid and salicylic acid products only for acne. remember no other treatment.
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i had acne from starting puberty at seven till i was nine. my gynecologist told me to gently cleanse with warm water and mild soap at least three times a day, apply benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid mixture to affected areas

Roxell Belo

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Hi. You can check the Product Review of Rochelle Rivera about this Belo Essentials AcnePro 3-Step Clear Skin System.
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I use mostly like to use natural skin care and I wash my face with facial milk or with piece soap. I also try to be weekends without makeup

jesica roy

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I suggest some household items to remove acne problem.
  1. aloe vera
  2. coconut oil
  3. backing soda
  4. apple cider vinegar
  5. honey
  6. lemon
  7. shea butter
  8. turmeric powder
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