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So hi, I am a 13 year old girl from England and I have many intrests. I absolutely love the performing arts and I do lots of drama, contemporary dance (although I would love to try more stiles) and singing. I also really enjoy gymnastics, trampolining and acrobatics even though I don’t formally do gymnastics anymore and I am only now about to start Acro. I love animals (not just the girly ones). I especially love snakes and spiders. I have to robo dwarf hamsters, a cat, a 94 litre fish tank with black mores and orandas and I really want to get rats or a species of bird. I also love makeup and fashion. I love art and sketching. I am a huge activist for equal rights no matter what skin tone, gender, belief, religion, origin, sexuality or what you were born as. Don’t get me wrong though, i said equal rights, I really don’t like when people peg me as a crazy feminist that wants to chop of every mans d**k. I have one brother. I am hoping to use this site as a friendly place where I can make friend, share intrests, resolve problems and just have some fun. If you are at all interested in me, text me and let’s make friends‍♀Xx
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