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About a man in the supermarket


New Member
Me my mum and my brother went to this mans till a number of years ago and he made a funny comment about my make up and the next time he saw me he smiled at me and then after that he started winking at me I was a teenager at the time and when he had periods of ignoreing me I would get upset so My mum started talking to him to get his attention for me and he go around winking and strareing at me and my mum builded up a friendship with him to get his attention for me and this went on for a number of years I used try to hide away from if I felt that I had the worng make up on for him I used to cry if he ignored me or if I dident get the chance to see him but but we noticed that he started at other girls and once a group of dressed up teenagers came into the store and he was getting excited at them all but a number of times when mum tryed to speak to him he ignored my mum and me and I realized that he was trying to groom me and that he was a no good that was trying groom underage girls the hole thing was a unpleasant experience for me


Staff member
Unfortunately, there are too many guys who like to flirt with girls/women and when they pay attention to us, we might think: "Oh, he really likes me" or "Oh, he seems interested in me." But then if we see him flirting with other women/girls, we realize he may just be a player and he'll flirt with us until someone prettier comes along. And then we're "invisible" to him.

The sad thing is: so many women are so starved for affection and attention and all a man has to do is smile at us or show us an ounce of kindness and we're "planning the honeymoon".

I'm glad you saw this guy for who and what he really is. Hopefully, one day, you'll meet a man who isn't a player and he'll treat you right. :)