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AAA BOOBS?!?!? Help


New Member
I'm completely flat. I hate my boobs. Everyone has normal B or C cups which are perfectly normal yet THEY COMPLAIN about how small their boobs are! I mean really? I have AAA boobs! Not fun at all. All I have are pointy triangles but zero fat underneath them and I swear my boobs have stayed the same size since I was 12. Is it fair that at 16 years old I am still wearing training bras that says size 10-12 on the tag????? It's even more embarassing when I go swimming because everyone sees im flat and its even worse at school in the changeroom and everyone knows this 16 year old wears training bras.

It's hard for me to find clothes that fit. Not only am I flat but I have a very child-like body. My body lterally has no curves like every other girl. When I shop for clothes even a size EXTRA SMALL is TOO BIG on me. The armholes of each top are too big. Every neckline goes down to my belly button.Every single tops in the adult section has that extra fabric for your boobs but since I dont have any boobs that extra fabric just sags looking VERY WEIRD. Shirts just hang down all the way to my belly button i mean its not funny at all its very frusturating buying clothes. Then, I go to the kids section of clothes and their all like cartoon tshirts things that fit but thy make me look like a 12 or 13 year old. Yes, there are people on the streets that think im a kid and always mistaken me for being a 13 year old, again not funny.

I hate looking flat. I hate having a childish body. Like if you hate how you have B cups why not wear a push-up? With me I can't wear a push up its not gonna work. There's literally no fat that can be "pushed up" so how can AAA breasts have a push up bra? It won't work! How can I make my AAA boobs look bigger? Are they gonna stay AAA forever?


New Member
No they wont stay AAA forever, they'll grow until your about 20 and if they don't then it could be a weight problem. Like your probably not eating much and your not growing and if this is what's happening you need to go to a doctor and make sure everything is fine. It doesn't matter if you have small boobs because every one grows at different times just like your period so try not to worry so much and also talk to your mum :):)