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A Tan... Should i?

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Well, i have fair skin and it doesn't suit me. My hair is darker and i need a tan. I know it is very unsafe to do it outdoors so i'm thinking about the safe way which is cream.

I'm wondering if there are any quicker ways. That are safe.
If your skin is fair ,and your hair is dark...the way I am imaganing it,Is that,you don't need to tan yourself.I always loved girls/boys with fair skin and darker hairs (Odd combination,I know) Cuz it looks so cool and unique on them! ^___^"

Anyway,but that was my advice.If you really want to tan very safely,then I suggest you going to this website Tan

Also;Wrong forum.This should belong in "Tan Talk" section.I'll move it for you. :) WOOOSSHH!!
Not open for further replies.