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a friend like you..!!


Hello everybody..?? I Brought For You Few Words about "The FrIend

A friend like
Is almost too good to be true...
The laughter, the tears
We have been through them over the years...

The time we have shared
No one could compare
The lessons we have learned...
The times we have been burned...

The moments together we have made
Those will never fade
Our friendship can only grow stronger
And the years hopefully longer
I just wanted you to know
How much I cherish YOU so

** Although it's quite a statement
Well, it happens to be true
The best friend I have ever had
I'm glad to say, is you.

You're there if I should need you
And you never turn away
I know I can depend on you
At any time of day.
We've had our ups and downs
As nearly everybody does
But problems never last for long
With special friends like us.

Some people have so many friends
With whom they spend their time
But no one has a best friend
Who's as wonderful as mine.

So thanks for always being there
Your friendship's strong and true
And I just want to let you know
I'm always there for you!

I Hope u Like Them


Well-Known Member
When I read that poem, I thought about God (except for the part of us having our ups and downs. That didn't apply. :) )