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24 and never had a boyfriend before


New Member
I feel super sad because men seem to never show interest in me. I've never dated. I've never been asked out before, barely hit on or approached. I've never even had a guy ask for my number before or say that he wants my number. I have been hearing the phrase that 'one day the right guy will come' or 'wait for the right guy' since I was 18 years old and now I am 24 and still haven't even been close to finding a boyfriend. I never thought I was extremely unattactive but now I can't help but to feel really unattractive now since men never seem to notice me (and no, my weight has nothing to do with this. I am 5'4 and 130 lbs). I feel like I will never find anyone and I will be forever alone. In exactly 6 more years, I will be 30 and I don't really feel like magically a guy will come into my life. I joined volunteer groups and a few organizations, no men showed any interest. Although I don't go to clubs or bars, I do run errands like go to grocery stores or go shopping. Sometimes, I go bookstores or restaurants just to relax. Even in those places, men don't show interest in me. It just really makes me feel down sometimes, like there must be something wrong with the way I look to not have men notice me.



Well maybe it's time for you to be more pro active. Next time if you see someone who you may like, why not initiate a conversation. Some guys are just as shy as you may be. Take a chance!