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  1. W


    Those that trust in the beauty of their dreams have a bright future!!!
  2. R


    Hello, I'm Rachel from NYC. Glad to join this group.
  3. Longbeing21

    Do you find yourself looking at dark spots, patches, or blotchy skin in the mirror?

    Or on your hands, arms, underarms, or legs… It's actually a pretty serious matter. Because suffering from “aging skin” is linked to a lack of energy, depression, and even shorter life expectancy. When you lean in the mirror and think, “I look older…” or “I don’t like this…” You know how...
  4. rajaa


    I recommend for every girl revamin it give great result u will love your eyelashes of course with the Regular application every night befaure going to the bed.
  5. shimamia

    Body Scar

    Hi, I need a guide, advice or information. I have a scars at whole thigh and arm because i scratch it (due to itchiness) which lead to cuts and scar.. It make my skin look freaking horrible and I can’t even wear something that showing skin which is sometime a mess cause it’s really hot at...