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skin care

  1. A

    Looking for Best natural Skin Remedies

    Hi, I've been looking for Home Remedies, and natural skin care tips. If anyone can suggest. I've got Dry skin..
  2. sandy brady

    SkinCare Channel

    Hey gurlies :) As you some of you know, am a skincare fanatic, recently I started a YT channel to share my tips and what I have learned with girls I know, just friends and relatives. Wanted to put it here if anybody would like to check it out :) https : // www ...
  3. C

    Eye Cream or Regular Moisturizer?

    Ladies, need your advice on this. I would like to use a regular moisturizer as an eye cream because of my tight budget, I really cannot afford a lot of products. The way I am planning to use this is the dab whatever is left over in my fingers around my eyes after I moisturize my skin. Will this...
  4. L

    New Growth

    I have recently watched that there is a new growth of hairs at weird places. So, what can be done in order to get rid off this. Pleases suggest.