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  1. N

    20yr old single pringle and I need help to flamingle

    Okay, so as you can probably tell by the title I'm pretty immature for a 20 year old woman. I've literally never dated, never made out with a guy, even though I've had chances to. I'm reasonably confidant in my appearance, you wouldn't call me ugly unless comparing to a model or smth. I'm just...
  2. L

    Are some grown men losing their dominance?

    So, this is kind of embarrassing. My boyfriend participated in a grappling/wrestling class at our gym for the first time recently(covid-19 tests passed). The instructor matched him up against a 12 year old boy who’d been training since like 9 or 10 and ho also trains in weights and crossfit...
  3. A

    What do you think of this guy? Need help asap

    I really like this guy (Troy Robinson) he is a rapper by the name of Icynesse and 24 years old.. his music amazing but I just don't know how to approach a guy like this..Any tips?? I want to make him mine but I don't want to be seen as just a fan of his music .. Also what would you rate this guy...
  4. bubblesx

    1st Date: Drinks or Dinner?

    what do you prefer?
  5. K

    Could he still like me?

    Alright so this story is a bit of a doozy. I’m only on this site because my best friend is out of the country so I can’t get a hold of her but I’m dying to get some form of advice. So to make a long story short I have a guy friend who is also a close family friend (no he doesn’t go to school...
  6. mskia1990

    Hello, This Question Is For Open Minded Ladies Only, How Can I Get My Mom To Stop Being Judgemental?

    Hi Girls, I unfortunately have a problem with my mom, i'm in my late 20's my bf is in his mid 20's and she apparently does not like him because of his Race/Ethnicity:mad:. I'm An African-American Female, He's Latino(Mexican Or Salvadoran) and he has done nothing to my family, i love him a lot...
  7. J

    Please reply... No clue what to do about this and I need advice asap

    My and my boyfriend have been together a little over a year and a few months. Recently a few weeks ago, we had a rough patch. At that time we were starting to drift a bit and not hanging out, silent walks, and I was devestated when he broke up with me. A little bit later, he offered to try and...
  8. A

    Boyfriends & Awkward Encounters

    My boyfriend and I are in college and we're in a pretty new relationship (almost 3 weeks in, although we were seeing each other for about 2 months). He's a great guy. He's had a tough life growing up and I understand where a lot of his reasoning comes from. Today we were grabbing lunch on...
  9. G

    Does he like me or will I always be just a friend?

    So I really like one of the boys in my friend group. The guy I like and I have kissed a few times (alcohol being involved) and the next day we go back to being best friends like nothing happened. both agreeing it would be best to act that way. Every time we all hang out as a group he always...
  10. R

    Advice on Ending Friendships

    I'm a teenager and you go through that teenage drama, and many people say that it'll be over in 2 seconds compared to your whole life ahead of you, but because I'm still in those 2 seconds it majorly affects me. I've recently lost a close friend but we had a toxic relationship, because we...
  11. Yoci

    Birth Control Side Effects

    Hello I had a question about birth control. Recently I got my first Depo shot and I have been suffering from terrible mood swings, I feel so depressed out of no where, i get annoyed and anxious! I have never in my life felt this way and it scares me. Its like my body is trying to fight it off. I...
  12. Kelena

    Best friend, friend and me

    Heyya! This is my first post here so I don't really know what to expect but here goes... I'm a quite shy girl when it comes to boys, my best friend on the other hand is friends with almost every guy I know. She gets along with guys better than girls and it's often hard for me to understand who...
  13. S

    I dont know if Im still a virgin

    Hi! My name is Saravine, Im 20yo virgin. I've been dating this guy (he's my first bf!!) since 6 months ago. We went to Gili island together recently to spent our holiday. Long story short I wanted to give my virginity to him and we tried. But it was too painful and we didn't do it. Yesterday...
  14. G

    Friends with benefits or more?

    Hey girls, I really wanted some girly advice on my siuation at the moment About a month ago i came out of a 2 year controlling relationship and Now i’m here. After things ended with my boyfriend i started speaking a lot with the guy i lost my virginity too almost 2 and half years ago and one...
  15. L

    Advice needed - very confused!

    I started talking to a boy back in January who is at my Uni and we got very close for a time. He gave me strong signals that he liked me – messaging me first, talking 24/7 and even kissing my forehead after a night out. I took the initiative to ask him out and he turned me down. That’s fine...
  16. Fawra

    Advice please

    Can anyone help me? I am so confused and heartbroken over these messages We were a couple for 3 years.. then today I get the “I have nothing to say text… our relationship has never been perfect… Lately its been feeling like a battle field.,, and I don’t know what I am doing wrong,, we hang...
  17. Chocoholique

    I Think I May Have A Rival.

    This slightly worries me. I have this friend who is close, funnily enough she and her boyfriend were the reason why my boyfriend had the courage to ask me out. I feel like she loves attention and craves it when it is currently not on her. She directs the topic onto herself by murmuring a few...