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  1. E

    I’m feeling upset...:(

    I’m not the most attractive person there is, but I didn’t think I was that bad... I wanted to try out makeup to help with my insecurities, but I just have no talent what so ever! I try eyeshadows and it ends up looking like a mess. My mascara makes my eyelashes look like spider legs. And my lip...
  2. HelpMeFigureThisOut

    Makeup...Where to start?

    Hey! I really want to start wearing makeup, because I bought a bunch of it...And I have no idea where to start.. I'm going for a more cute kind of look. Does anybody have any tips? I don't want to show up at school looking like a clown.
  3. L

    Calamine Lotion

    Does calamine lotion works for the skin?
  4. Chocoholique

    Thought On Michelle Phan?

    Michelle Phan, most may say she has changed incredibly from being open with her viewers and suscribers to being dreamy and acting like a fairy. I have to disagree, I still admire her. She has fun being adventurous with her make-up and currently has a few businesses up and running, it is nice...