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  1. J


    Hi girls, so i am currently looking into starting my own lingerie business online, I am looking to add something different to the page as well as do the usual things you would see on a lingerie website, I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on what you would like to see/have...
  2. K

    Looking for fashionista/sneaker babes

    Okay so I have a sneaker/fashion addiction and I’m always looking for new ways to network with other females with the same passion! So if you feel like you share the same passion let’s make plans❤!
  3. ×Babygirl×

    Grunge/Alternative fashion

    Hey girls!! So, I'd like your help. Do you know any online grunge/alternative stories that ship internationaly and have reasonable prises?
  4. Zora

    Self Introduction

    Hello! My name is Zora (Originally Maria), and I am a 20 year old girl from Norway who love everything from fashion to wrestling and video games. I was born the 10th of March 1997, and I've lived in Norway ever since, and I love it here even though it's a bit cold up here in the northern...
  5. D

    The Best Jeans

    Hi!! How are you? I have recently bought some wonderful pairs of pants that fit me very well, honestly the quality is awesome and I love them, they are called Sweet Look, they are amazing!! The problem is I bought these jeans in a store when I went on vacation to Los Angeles and I don't know...
  6. M

    Hi, Girls! Good Day!

    Hello, all, I'm so happy to meet you here. I'm Arisa, from US, and I love fashion and freedom. Always shopping online or in market, buy dresses, make ups and so on. I have much shopping experience online and if you want to know much, or anything need help, just feel free to tell me, I can give...
  7. Francesca

    Hi I am Francesca from London

    I have been living here for 8 months and I love this city. So many things to do, great people, highest opportunities ever. My passions are fashion, wellness and a super healthy lifestyle, travelling and innovation. I look for girls in London to meet, chat, go out, spend our money :) and explore...
  8. Brittania Brown

    Brittania From MAVENS

    hey Guys I'm Brittania but you can call me Bri, good morning
  9. Courtney Mary

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to forums like this but I am in need of fashion advice, please message me if you can help and are a fashionista! Thank you (if you have read it) Courtney Mary xo
  10. Chocoholique

    Thought On Michelle Phan?

    Michelle Phan, most may say she has changed incredibly from being open with her viewers and suscribers to being dreamy and acting like a fairy. I have to disagree, I still admire her. She has fun being adventurous with her make-up and currently has a few businesses up and running, it is nice...